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Drum Roll Please…BEAUTIFUL wedding ceremony and reception vendor

It’s been a couple weeks…since I posed this question…but I finally have an answer for you.  And, really, it’s a beauty.

A month or two ago, Scott of Gervasi, contacted us to do some photography for their website and brochures.  After following Gervasi on Facebook for a while I expected it to be nice.  But, I had no idea how nice.  If you are searching for the perfect place to get married (or a date night out for that matter) look no further.  Gervasi Vineyard & Italian Bistro is a new winery, restaurant, and wedding venue this year.  And, I am not exaggerating when I say it is GORGEOUS.

The Piazza.  Everytime I have seen the patio open it’s been packed with people.  You can sip wine and eat while gazing out upon the water, playing a game of bocce, or sitting out on the lawn.

Here is the wedding pavilion.  It is lovely on the outside…and the inside…it’s breathtaking.

I will have more to share at a later date…but trust me when I say that it is just lovely. 

Wedding Wednesday {Best Cleveland Area Wedding Vendors, Tips, & Ideas}

I am so thrilled to introduce an great company to you today.  I was out at their studio a few months back and I have to tell you I was very impressed.

Hi Leigh, Have you been with Jerry Bruno Productions long?  What do you do there?  What’s the best part about your job?

I have been with Jerry Bruno Productions since July of 2005. I started out just a couple days a week, then began doing event coordination but realized sales isn’t for me. So I proposed to take over website editing and begin internet marketing, which is in line with my degree and experience in Public Relations. I love getting a chance to utilize creative skills and learn about internet marketing daily.

In 2006, Jerry put together a new band called The Avenue and invited me to be one of its singers. I asked a friend that I used to sing with in a girl group at Pickwick & Frolic, Tiffany Marchak, to join, and we pieced together the rest of the band via connections and ads.

(Leigh, singing with The Avenue)

When did Jerry Bruno Productions begin as a company?  How did it get started?

The Bruno family has long standing music roots in the Cleveland area. Jerry Bruno moved to Los Angeles in the 80s and created The Jerry Bruno Music Network there. His clients included the likes of President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan, Princess Di, and the casts and crews of “Cheers” and “Taxi.” He conducted a string ensemble for Bon Jovi’s after-Oscars party in 1990.

Jerry returned home to Cleveland in 1995 and began growing what is now known as Jerry Bruno Productions.

Your website describes your company as a “wedding entertainment source,”  what do you mean by this?

About 90% of our booked jobs are at wedding ceremonies and receptions. But in addition to over 20 bands and 20 DJs, we represent countless musicians and acts for all aspects of an event. We’ve booked string quartets to play everything from Bach to Metallica at ceremonies, and Elvis impersonators to entertain at rehearsal dinners.

We also have a lot of clients needing entertainment for corporate events and private parties, as well.

If a couple walks in, who should they expect to talk to?

Currently, most of the booking and event coordination is handled by DJ Scott Jones and and Geoff Short. Scott is our General Manager and has been working at the office for a decade, and Geoff is band leader of and singer in The Avenue. They both have extensive experience planning and performing for weddings at all the major local venues.

(The amazing Scott Jones)

When would you recommend a DJ for a wedding and when would you recommend a band?

It can be a matter of taste and/or price. Some feel that a band provides an air of class, while others just want someone to be in charge of playing music at the right time and making announcements.

There are exceptions, but most of our bands excel at playing a wide range of popular genres and songs, which is great if your guests range in age from 8 to 80. If most of your dancing crowd is younger and into primarily modern music, a DJ might be a better fit. Many clients hire a band for the first four hours and then a DJ for the final hour or two, for the younger crowd.

What unique qualities does each have to offer?

A DJ is usually more affordable than a fully stocked band, and you’ll hear the original, familiar versions of all your favorite music. A band will provide more crowd interaction and bring more energy and personality to the room. (Our DJs pretty much stay at their booth, no dancing on speakers or singing along.)

If a bride is interested in a particular band, how far in advance should she be sure to book?

At least a year. As of July of 2010, we already have some bands and DJs booked for dates in October of 2011.

If a couple has no idea what the best entertainment choice is for their wedding, can you help guide them to a perfect match?

Absolutely! First, we can narrow choices down using availability for their date. Then, we can show them some choices on DVD. If a client isn’t feeling the vibe of a band or DJ, we’re pretty good at reading that. No problem, we move on to other choices. We’ll find out about their venue, their budget, their guests and their favorite music, and usually one or two bands or DJs will come to mind as a good fit.

What question should every couple ask their entertainment before booking with them?

They should find out if the individual they are meeting with, or those featured in the video, will be the same individuals who will be performing at the event. Some companies book under one name, then farm out the work to anyone available. But one song can sound VERY different sung by different singers, and different DJs have very different personalities. Not to mention one song list doesn’t fit all bands.

At the same time, conflicts can occur. Once or twice a year, we may need to replace a lead singer or DJ due to illness. The fact that we have a pre-screened talent roster in our pocket is a major plus to booking through an agency. We can easily fill-in a role at the last minute if needed, and the bride won’t be bothered with added stress the day of her wedding.

Leigh, thank you so much for your time.  I look very forward to working with you guys in the future.

Wedding Wednesday {Best Cleveland Area Wedding Vendors, Tips, & Ideas}

I am so excited to introduce Kimberly of Kajal by Kimberly to all of you brides out there.  Her work is just amazing.  I can’t think of better hands to be in on one of the biggest days of your life.  What bride doesn’t want to look and feel absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day?

{Amy} How did you get into the makeup business?

{Kimberly} As a little girl I remember coloring my mother’s JC Penny catalog…I remember thinking the girls needed more lipstick:)  From there my love of makeup grew. I would  play in makeup or do any one’s makeup that would allow my to touch their face.  Even through college I always know I wanted to #1 work for M.A.C cosmetics and #2 Do makeup.  I worked as a freelance makeup artist for a year and then got a break to work for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics @ Saks Fifth Avenue.  After learning the true basics of makeup, I was ready to try my hand in the drama world of M.A.C cosmetics.  I’ve been working there since 2001.

{Amy} What kind of makeup do you recommend?

{Kimberly} There are a lot of great products on the market.  I recommend that you spend a little more on basics such as foundation & brushes.  Sometimes you can get away with spending a little less on color.  BUT….there is a difference in texture when it comes to high end makeup.  Bottom line…do some research and see what works best for your skin.

{Amy} Why do you think it is important for a bride to have her make up professionally done?

{Kimberly} I think it’s really important for a bride to have her makeup done professionally because it makes the biggest difference in pictures.  Also,,,I’ve seen such a change in the industry in the last 4 years.  More and more brides are considering makeup just as important as hair, and it is.  Now that there are such things as HD photography it’s important to have somebody who knows what their doing in charge of your face on the most important day of your life.  Also…your makeup will last all night.

{Amy} Would you recommend a practice run before the big day?

{Kimberly} I would defiantly recommend a trial before your big day.  During a trial an artist gets to know you and can pick up on the vibe that your looking for.  It makes the day of your wedding go much smoother and faster.  Also I recommend taking a picture so you know how it’s going to look on camera.

{Amy} What would you recommend to a woman that doesn’t normally wear makeup?

{Kimberly} For a women who does not normally wear makeup I would recommend something very natural for their wedding day.  I think on your wedding you should look like yourself only a little better.  So for a women who does not wear makeup….they should concentrate on cutting redness out of their skin & looking polished naturally.

{Amy} How long does makeup usually take?

{Kimberly} Makeup usually for a bride takes 45 min and for an attendant 20-30 min.

{Amy} Are there any upcoming trends that you are noticing for 2010 and 2011?

{Kimberly} Upcoming trends for 2010-2011 are very exciting.  And I say that mainly due to the technology that we have available to us.  I see a lot of smokey eyes but not done in a black pool…but instead with natural colors.  I also love the bold lip that we’re seeing a lot, it looks so classic.  It’s definitely one or the other…either a bold lip or eye…never both.

{Amy} What are some common makeup mistakes that you see women make?

{Kimberly} Common mistakes I see women making when it comes to makeup are: looking “dated,” although you really don’t need to follow the trend exactly, it’s important to look updated.  What worked for you in High School will probably change as you age.  Also over bronzing….Bronzer should look as you’ve been kissed by the sun, not burnt by the sun.

{Amy} What is one of your favorite makeup tricks?

{Kimberly} It’s hard to say just one favorite makeup trick…but I would have to say doing eyes first.  When you do your eyes before foundation, you can wipe away the “mess” you make from fall out….and it saves you a step from touching up what you just did.

Isn’t she great?  The part about the JC Penney catalog cracks me up.  Stayed tuned in a couple weeks for a fun project Kimberly and I are working on.


My New Love…

I am in love with one of our new custom products for 2010.  These are gorgeous.  The Image Portfolio Box is one of the most elegant photo display options I’ve ever seen.

I think my favorite aspect is the versatility.  Swap these matted photos in various frames or easels for a display that never gets old.  {Plus the box looks awesome on your coffee table.}

They’re perfect for engagement sessions, family & child sessions, maternity, boudoir and even a great wedding album alternative.