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Some BIG Changes

I once read that you should never apologize for an absence from blogging.  I can’t remember the reason but the author was adamant about it sounding unprofessional.  So…I won’t apologize (I guess) but I will share the reason for my sporadic posts.  Amy Lyn Photography has moved!  Well, the truth is my family moved and Amy Lyn Photography came along for the ride.  But I am thrilled to share some of the advantages for you as clients.  My favorite being this:

Almost 8 acres of a photographer’s dream!

The fam and I have about a million hours of work to do to get the place fixed up but soon enough there will be a studio space available as well.  Stay tuned.

Can you guess?

I am very excited about something that came

in the mail this week.  Any guesses?  Here’s a hint:

(O.K. That was a little more than an hint.)  😉 Stay tuned for the big reveal when I finally have them up on the wall.

Our House Guest

After researching some different options, I’ve decided that I am going to convert our dining room into my office.  It just makes the most sense for us right now.  Eventually, (hopefully sooner rather than later) I will be meeting with clients there.  You may remember my post a little while back with my “someday studio.”  Well a journey of 1000 miles has to begin somewhere right?  Mine began this week with two gallons of paint and primer.

I’ll be sharing more as things move along, but for now, here’s a friend we enjoyed for a few hours before he disappeared forever.


Eden is letting you all know that he’s friendly…see his smile?

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

…Well, sort of anyway.  Pretty packaging is one of my favorite things though.  And I am thrilled about my new product and print packaging.  I wanted to take a minute to share it with you.  I must admit that I feel a little like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music when I look at it.

Professional photographer packaging with silver and purple

Akron photographer amy lyns print and product packaging

Unique and beautiful photographer packaging

Oh boy!  Love it.  I hope you do too.  I am proud to hand over our custom products in this beautiful custom packaging.