Tiffany Blue & Pink Wedding | Glen & Ginger

Glen and Ginger’s elegant Tiffany blue wedding was truly beautiful!  Gervasi’s Pavilion was decked out in sophisticated jewels and flowers galore, setting a perfect backdrop for this couple’s evening of memorable celebration.
The day began with pampering and fun for Ginger and her friends. Each one of them looked so beautiful! After Ginger was dressed, complete with a gorgeous brooch bouquet, she and Glen shared a sweet first look under the willows. I think this stunning bride really took Glen’s breath away! We enjoyed capturing some special moments of them and their loved ones as they all awaited the ceremony. With much anticipation, guests arrived and finally Glen, surrounded by his children, married this lovely lady. Everyone enjoyed an intimate ceremony under the trees in Gervasi’s vineyard, a perfectly peaceful spot. As friends and family shared drinks, dinner, and delicious desserts, the lives of these two individuals came together in one wonderful celebration. Glen and Ginger bring years of experiences, loving family relationships, and cherished friends into each others lives and we hope for an abundance of joy as they begin their life together as a married couple.


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