Lovely Canton Wedding | Steve & Ashton

When Steve and Ashton came into the studio, I was immediately struck by the sweet way they related to one another.  We chatted about their wishes and I learned they were searching for coverage for the wedding ceremony and formal photos only.  I think this is such a great way to make sure that your most important moments are captured if you’re not looking for a full package.  I always love what we are able to capture for our clients no matter how many hours we are there.

Steve and Ashton selected the beautiful St. Michael’s in Canton, Ohio for their wedding.  The light streamed in the many windows and perfectly lit their ceremony.  It couldn’t have been more beautiful inside the church or out in the courtyard.  It was wonderful that Steve and Ashton made sure to leave lots of time for their photographs.  They scheduled at least half an hour for photos of just the two of them (my favorites from the day!)  This gave us the perfect amount of time to get some amazing images.  I hope you agree.  Take a look:


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