Incredible Photographers

I have been slow with the posts…I know.  But for the past two weeks, I don’t have my camera lenses.  I miss blogging and sharing images and life but it will be a few days before I get my lenses and I’m getting impatient.  😉  So, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photographers instead.

  1. Jasmine Star (Orange County, CA)- I really enjoy her photography but even more that she seems to be a great person.  I read almost every blog post she writes.  She is incredibly generous and down-to-earth.  Someday I plan to have coffee with her…not sure if she’s aware.  🙂
  2. F8 Studio (Dallas, TX)- I had the pleasure of meeting Huy Nguyen (one of F8’s photographers) in a photography workshop he put on almost a year ago.  He was inspiring and I still love checking up on his work along with the other photographers at f8.
  3. Heather Waraksa (NY, NY)- I only recently found Heather’s blog but with wedding images like this I can’t help but add her to this list.  (And my blog reader for that matter.)
  4. Carrie Sandoval (Southern CA)- Brilliant is the first word that comes to mind where I think of this woman’s talent.  She is a newborn and child photographer that is definitely worth taking a look at.
  5. Michelle Moore (Seattle, WA)- Michelle is a senior photographer.  For a while I was suspicious that she only photographed models but the truth is that she is just that good.  She makes everyone look beautiful.

This is seriously the tip of the iceberg.  Truly.  I could list dozens more but in the interest of sleeping, I’ll refrain.  I really do encourage you to take a look around their sites though.  Looking at incredible photography is good for all of us.

Who are your favorites?  Got any I missed?

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