Joel & Christie’s Raintree Country Club Wedding

They grew up in the same small town and, of course, knew each other.  Christie may have even had her eye on him for a while in high school…but nothing ever came of it.  They lost touch for a while, but when they both arrived at a mutual friend’s OSU party, I doubt either one expected more than fun and football.  However, after running into each other several times, Joel & Christie began dating and soon fell in love.  We were fortunate enough to be part of their wedding just a couple weeks ago.

When I arrived at Christie’s mother’s home, Christie was already up and starting the preparations for the big day.  She was surrounded by family, and the smells of coffee and hairspray filled the house.  As more and more of the bridesmaids arrived, the excited chatter permeated the home as well, and I knew how much everyone was looking forward to celebrating with this couple.  Meanwhile, the guys filled their morning with golf and breakfast until it was time for them too to get dressed and meet for the ceremony.

It was one of those strange Ohio days where you aren’t quite sure if it’s going to rain or not.  The forecast had changed about 10 times that week and continued to fluctuate all morning.  By the time the guests arrived, though, the threat of any raindrops had passed, and the sky even opened up a little during the ceremony to reveal the blue we haven’t seen much this winter.  After the ceremony we headed out to capture the bridal party on the course.  The black bridesmaids’ dresses and pops of purple and teal that Christie and Joel selected looked perfect against the backdrop of the green.

By the time we headed inside, everyone was ready to welcome the new couple into the reception, and the party began.  The guests danced and danced, and by the amount of laughter I saw, I am certain everyone had an amazing time.

Thank you, Joel & Christie, for trusting us to be a part of your day.  Best of luck and many blessings to both of you and your family.

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