Downtown Engagement Session

It seems they may have been the last to figure it out.  Many others kept telling them that they were perfect for each other (not to mention how cute they’d be) but they still hadn’t even met.  Mike & Kristina shrugged it off for a about a year until finally she walked in to a friend’s room and met Mike (who was engaged in an exciting game of Dance Dance Revolution at the time.)  Kristina gave one of the cutest introductions I think I’ve ever heard, “Are you Michael…?  I think I was supposed to meet you?”

Even then, they remained friends for quite a while until what everyone had been saying all along started to sink in.  They did seem to be great together.  Finally, to all of their friends relief they started dating.  A couple years later, Mike asked Kristina to marry him in a park behind her house where they would often go for dates.

I have to say I agree with the others.  They are just great together.  After just knowing them a little while it’s pretty obvious Kristina was right.  She was supposed to meet him.

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  1. Petra June 14, 2011 at 4:04 am #

    That last one is to die for!  Stunning!  ((They’re all wonderful…but wow..that last one!))

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