The Real Adventure

Sometimes it seems like life has to be big to be good.  If we aren’t ending world hunger or scaling Mount Everest it can feel like we aren’t living.  But, it’s a lie.  The adventure is in the day to day.  It’s in little league games and making dinner for neighbors.  It’s in a fun project or a quick hug.  This is why I love photography.  Photography captures the day to day.  

I had one of the best dates of my life tonight.  On a bit of a whim, my son and I went to see Up.  My little guy cuddled on my lap eating skittles–it was heavenly.  And Up was just wonderful…I cried…actually we both did.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a movie that sums up life so well in 96 minutes.  Adventure is in the small moments. 

I wish I could have been Carl and Ellie’s photographer–their life together was so ordinary–the perfect adventure.

Here’s a shot I took of my son and I right after the movie…living our adventure.


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