My newest challenge

Somehow I let them talk me into it.  I’m not sure how now.  But here I am five weeks away from a mini triathlon.  My friends told me how reasonable the training would be and for some reason I caved.  It might be reasonable but it is NOT easy. 

If you know me at all you know that I am not a runner–not that I am a swimmer or a bicyclist–but I am really not a runner.  So…this is a struggle for me but I am trying hard to stick with it. 

On September 13 I will be attempting to swim 750 meters, bike 12 miles, run 5K, and survive.  I have two goals:

  1.  I’d like to finish. 
  2. I’d like to not finish last.  Third to last, fine.  Second to last, acceptable.  Last, very embarrasing! 

Wish me luck.

And…don’t forget to check back soon for Dave and Sylvia’s wedding and a family session sneak peek.  I’ll leave you with one more shot from the handsome Ben’s senior session.


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