I was slacking…

O.K.  I haven’t done it.  I haven’t posted every day.  But, I have a REALLY good reason.  The Internet was hard to come by.

Last week I boarded a plane with Josh, my son, and my 20 month old (brave, I know) and flew into LAX.  My brother’s sister and brother-in-law live in Ventura, CA and we arrived to spend time with them.  We travelled to Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Santa Barbara, Disney Land, and all over Ventura.  I have a new love—L.A.  I imagine it to be the closest thing to heaven we have here on earth (at least weather wise…).  Can you imagine such a thing?  Warmth ALL year round?!  I am so jealous.  (Don’t worry though fellow Ohioans…God evens it out with traffic.  We may have constant clouds but we can get across town in under 3 hours.)

We flew home yesterday and I now have Internet 24/7.  But being in CA was such a wonderful blessing…even the lack of wireless was nice.  I didn’t feel compelled to check e-mail and sit with my laptop each evening.  Instead, I enjoyed the time…

Here are a couple shots I captured:


The two men in my life:

The two men in my life...


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