Glimpses – Extended Family Photo Chaos

Last week, I posted my first entry into Glimpses, a project for photographers.  Sometimes we get a bit wrapped up in taking photos for others and neglect our own family so the challenge is to share at least one photograph each week of something personal.

I am a very lucky girl.  I am one of the very few women (or men for that matter) that don’t have “in-law issues.”  I was so blessed to marry into a family that embraced me.  I love them as my own.  My husband’s sister, Karen, her husband and their son are in town visiting for a few months.  It is so wonderful having them here.  My kids adore them.  (And I kind of do too.)  Two nights ago, Karen, made all of us dinner and we had an impromptu photo session.  It was just as chaotic as it looks but I love the chaos of these.  It’s our real life.  N

o one’s dressed up.  Kids are desperately trying to get away.  Adults are laughing.  Half the group isn’t looking.  Yep.  Real.

But, I love these people so I love these photos.  They may kill me for posting these…but guys…you should see the one’s I didn’t post!  LOVE YOU ALL!


On another note, check out a post I wrote for the Chic Critique blog.  It deals with the importance of shooting in RAW.  (Warning: Some technical talk.) 🙂

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