Favorite IPhone Apps for Photographers (or Anyone Really…)


Does anyone else HATE scanning documents?  It’s one of my least favorite tasks.  It doesn’t help that my scanner gives me a headache every time I use it.  Urgh.  I think my blood pressure just went up a few points thinking about it.  That’s why I am madly in love with JotNot.  I use it all the time and I honestly don’t think I’ve scanned anything since we met.  You imply open the app, take a photo, and voila…a pretty perfect replication.  This would never work to replicate a photo but for a document it’s terrific.  I even started using it to save other people’s business cards so that 1. I always have them with me and 2. can’t stop trying to figure out what to do with tiny pieces of paper.


1 Password is not just an App but it’s also downloadable for your computer as well.  Do you ever get tired of trying to retain 5000 different passwords and usernames?  Do you ever just give up and make an easy password for everything you do?  Been there.  A friend told me about 1Password quite a while ago but I didn’t listen until recently.  It’s wonderful in every way.  You come up with one complex password to remember and it creates a unique and complex password for every site you visit.  You can also store secure information within it’s interface.  I have it on my laptop and it syncs with my Iphone.  I have complex passwords for everything and only have to remember one.  Ahhhh!

WxAlert USA

I downloaded this app recently when I was scared for our lives…quite literally.  We live in a house with a giant (I mean enormous!) tree in the front yard, hanging right over our bedrooms to be exact.  Bad thunder storms, tornado warnings and watches, combined with high wind speeds all day had me scared to go to sleep.  But, the thought of staying up all night watching the weather channel wasn’t so appealing either.  With a quick internet search I found WxAlert USA.  You set it to alarm when there is a warning you’d like to know about.  It’s loud and worked perfectly.  (NOTE: it can be set for every imaginable alert possible.  If you don’t love waking up at 3am to hear about a possible volcano warning be sure to set your preferred alerts.)

How about you?  Any good apps you’ve discovered?

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  1. mui June 24, 2011 at 8:09 am #

    Thank you for sharing these. I need 1Password! Will definitely check it out soon.

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