Unique Wedding Albums

O.K.  I have spent weeks (alright it was actually probably months) researching many of the albums out there.  They are so hard to compare because there are SO many options.  Literally.  I was searching for a number of features and I refused to settle for less than the best.  Here are some of the options I wanted for our clients:

  • Quality (an absolute must)
  • Beauty
  • Elegance
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility

And, finally, I am thrilled to announce that we have made a choice!  Amy Lyn Photography now offers two NEW albums and a couple other options I will soon share.  There is so much to show you with each item…I will start with just one.  Specifically, the “One” by Finao.

The options are literally endless.  I can hardly get my mind around the choices…Please be patient with me sharing so many pictures.  I just want you all to see how cool these things are.

A bride and groom's photograph covers the album beautifully

Wedding album covers are available as seen here with a photograph printed on silk or canvas.

Leather wedding album with two types of leather

Leather options are available as well...oh and gorgeous!

The photo below is an example from the inside of the album above.  The unique size adds visual interest, don’t you think?

Inside pages of a professional wedding album

The album pages lay completely flat.

wedding or portrait album with a beautiful photograph printed on the cover

Another album with a mix of leather and a printed cover.

A close-up of the spine…

closeup shows where album spine material meets photograph

You can see the quality in the album and binding.

metallic canvas album cover with bride and groom sitting on steps

Another option for adding style to your album is to choose metallic.

The corner options, rounded or squared:

Finao one albums have soft and hard spines

the couple kisses on the cover of the wedding album

Combine your favorite two cover materials and the photograph of your choice for a trendy look

Did I say endless or did I say endless?

from canary yellow to hot pink, your wedding album can truly unique

You can even match the album to your wedding

unique professional wedding album example

a perfect album for your wedding or boudoir session

Damask albums? Yes, please.

Isn’t that a fun one?  Maybe for boudoir or a senior?  And how about a new baby girl album below?

a pink and white album with fun circle pattern

the cover on these albums is clear letting the photograph show through

gray and black wedding album

And now the last one.  I promise.

three different albums show you the unique possibilities

Albums can have no image or choose the number and image size you prefer.

Can you imagine the possibilities?  Match your album to your wedding flowers, or your bedroom, or your baby’s eye color, or… I think you get the point.

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