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I am very excited to offer a new segment on the blog.  Because so many of you are brides-to-be, I wanted to add a weekly (hopefully) post on some element of wedding planning.  This week I asked the amazing Heidi of Heidzillas to be our first guest.  She works as a coordinator/consultant in this area and she’s got some great advice.  Check out her website as well:


1.       Where are you from?

I’m originally from Ashtabula County. I would tell you what town, but you’ve never heard of it. 🙂 I lovingly call it “Podunk.” My parents are still there. After that I went to Kent State. I love love love Kent, Ohio!!! I now reside on the West side of Cleveland with my husband. 

2.       What do you and your husband like to do for fun?

When we actually get to SEE each other 🙂 we usually go out to dinner. We are also the entertainers in our group of friends. We throw an annual clam bake (the fourth annual is coming up in September!) and always host the big New Years Eve bashes in addition to the impromptu get-togethers we host. Devin also drags me to sporting events – Cavs, Browns, etc. When we’re just home, we love to plan our next vacations or next home… or future vacation home!

3.       Favorite movies/TV shows?

I actually don’t watch a lot of TV, and what I do is all DVRed. I’m excited the new season of Entourage just started. I’m also a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan. My husband Devin and I love House, too.

My favorite movie is “When Harry Met Sally”. I also love “Say Anything”, “Dirty Dancing” and “The Wedding Planner” (naturally :))

4.       O.K….let’s get to the important stuff. J What made you start Heidzillas?  And why did you choose the name?

The name came from a joke with my own bridesmaids. Whenever I’d email them, I’d sign the emails “Heidzilla” When I decided to start my business, it was the first thing I thought of. People get it and always get a good chuckle. I just got personalized license plates! (HDZILLA)

 I started Heidzillas from planning my own wedding and helping a few friends. I also got to know several local brides on “The Knot” and they actually asked me if I’d start Day of Coordinating after my wedding. I sincerely just love weddings and had so much fun meeting the great people in the local wedding industry planning my own wedding, I wanted to stick around. And I’m just a natural planner and schedule-freak and weddings are the best place to get to implement those skills!

5.       How long have you been married? …and can you tell us a little bit about him?  J

Devin and I are approaching our one year anniversary – 08.30.08! He went to college with my best friend’s now-husband. While getting his degree, he always worked in restaurants. He stuck in the food service business instead and is a total natural. He’s a huge foodie and gets me to try new foods and wine… Although I drive him crazy, too, because I’m a picky eater! He’s also a HUGE Cleveland sports buff and loves watching Cavs, Browns, golf, etc. Although I’d say his dream job is to be on the World Poker Tour.

(Amy here with a brief interruption…here is a picture of the big moment when Devin surprised Heidi with a ring…)


6.       What services do you provide? 

I predominately offer “Day of Coordination” services – which usually entails whatever the bride and groom need – from the development of a timeline and vendor coordination in advance to set up, errand running, snack delivering, ceremony line ups, reception event cueing, clean up, day after brunches, and so on. I also do some  “wedding consultation” – from hiring the perfect vendors for the wedding day wants and budget to developing decor, RSVP tracking, and so on.  A longer list of my services are here:

7.       How much do your services cost?

Depends on the service – DOC vs. consultation. Also depends on the duration needed. I provide each wedding custom quotes based on their needs.  (

8.       What is your favorite part about wedding coordinating?

Meeting and working with all of the great people! – brides and grooms, their bridal parties, families, photographers, florists, etc. I’ve made some great friends – vendors and clients alike. I also love weddings where I get to work with all new vendors I’ve never met!

9.       Why should a bride hire a consultant/wedding coordinator?

There are a slew of reasons for each individual wedding, but I’d say the best reason is to have that “go to” person who’s there to make sure everything runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible and to be the one who resolves issues as soon as something isn’t going as planned. I also tell my brides that I’m like Switzerland – I’m a totally neutral party. I don’t have demands that mothers or mother-in-laws might have, I don’t have expectations that bridesmaids have, etc. I’m the person to handle everything just the way the bride and groom want.

10.   Do you have a funny story from your wedding or another bride’s that you could share?

From my own wedding, at the end of the night after we had this amazing day that went off without a hitch and ran on time all day long, we went to get the key to our suite. Come to find out, the hotel unknowingly put us in the connecting room to one of our groomsmen who was hosting the after party. We had to sneak out of our own after party and make sure no one was watching when we went across the hall into our room. Luckily only trustworthy guests knew because I had visions of people knocking on our door all night!

11.   What is the biggest problem that you see bride’s having when they are planning their wedding?

The general overwhelming feeling when you take in consideration all of the vendors to be hired, the details to be planned and opinions you’re going to get from everyone. You have to trust your own instincts, get advice from first-hand accounts when you can (a great site for reviews is and plan the day you’ve imagined (within your budget, of course.) 

12.   What kind of help can bride’s find on your site?

First they can see all of the local weddings I’ve worked including a list of the vendors those brides and grooms have hired. I also do posts called “heidzilla meets” – which is just like it sounds, the great local vendors I have the pleasure of meeting, “heidzilla how-tos” – I show the decor I’ve made with step-by-step instructions, and the general advice, guest bloggers, and fun tidbits!

13.   What’s the best piece of advice that you could give a bride on her wedding day?

Take off the planner’s hat and put on the veil and be the bride. There’s nothing more you can do – so enjoy every moment and stop and take it all in. The day flies by. 

14.   Any advice for the groom?

Don’t be afraid to ask the questions in your head. The best questions I get are from the grooms. They are usually at an arm’s length to the planning and tend to come up with some great ideas because they’re not so close to the plans. And it’s their day too, so they should be involved. 

 Thanks Heidi!  I really appreciate you agreeing to be our first guest.  I look forward to working together in the future.

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