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Bryan & Jennifer’s Amazingly Beautiful Engagement Session

I think I can say that Bryan & Jennifer may have had one of the most beautiful sessions I’ve ever been a part of.  The Bird Sanctuary, mixed with some amazing sunlight, and of course this couple created a perfect storm where everywhere we looked it was gorgeous.  We did have to work for it…it was a bit of a hike.  But, wow, was it beautiful.

Bryan and Jen met at the hospital where they both work in the E.R.  This winter, he asked her to marry him at the Audubon Bird Sanctuary in Aurora.  So, we hiked back to the scene to capture them and the bench where it all happened.  (Of course, it was a little warmer this time.)


I have been playing with video a bit lately.  I won’t be offering professional videos or anything but it’s been fun to play with and mix it up a bit.  I am very excited to share this one of Bryan & Jennifer with the world.  Check it out below…it’s short and worth it.

Thanks so much to Tara for her amazing makeup talents and for operating the camera for the video.