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Extended Family Sessions

I have had the pleasure of photographing several families lately…large families.  I wanted to share them with you and give you some tips as well if you are considering a family session of your own.

Coordinating a large family session can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be.  Clothing choices can be made fairly simple by giving everyone a color scheme and encouraging them to coordinate without necessarily matching.  The other challenge is often the number of children involved.  It can be hard to get all of them smiling and looking at the same time.  I always work fast to try to keep boredom to a minimum.  Here are some of the recent “posed” family portraits I’ve captured.


Then, we break into smaller groups and capture siblings, all the boys, or other smaller family groups.  These can all hang together in a wall gallery and look amazing.


And, then I always try to capture some fun photos as well.  Here are a couple from the last few sessions.


I love to work with each family to design galleries or arrangements that can be hung in the home and cherished forever.


What To Wear for Your Portraits

It’s the most common question I get.  My first recommendation is to coordinate without being overly match-y.  Here are two great samples of clothing that would make your portraits sing.


Colorful Kids Portraits

I have to admit that I am a sucker for color.  Bright….fun….color.  Last week, I put up an announcement on my Facebook page (speaking of which, have you “liked” me yet?  If not, check it out here.)  looking for a couple models for a session I wanted to try out and get some samples for.

We headed down to a local Akron park with some brightly colored balloons, lollipops, and two cute kids dressed in adorable outfits.  Here are the results.  Let me know what you think.

Colorful photography with kids and balloons

Goodyear Metro Park portraits on a summer day

unique and trendy children's portrait with kids in the grass

Perhaps my fave from the session. Isn't it the sweetest?

unique children's photography session in an akron park

adorable kid portrait in park

lifestyle photograph of a little girl twirling her dress

children eating lollipops in park for a photo session

And is there anything better than two giant lollipops on a summer day?

portrait in akron of fun and laid back session with kids in bright colors