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Makes My Job Easy

When you have kids that look like this and a location that’s green everywhere…my job is a little too easy.  If you are wondering what a session with Amy Lyn looks like, this is pretty much it.  I work to make it light and fun and as a result this is the outcome I usually get.


Our House Guest

After researching some different options, I’ve decided that I am going to convert our dining room into my office.  It just makes the most sense for us right now.  Eventually, (hopefully sooner rather than later) I will be meeting with clients there.  You may remember my post a little while back with my “someday studio.”  Well a journey of 1000 miles has to begin somewhere right?  Mine began this week with two gallons of paint and primer.

I’ll be sharing more as things move along, but for now, here’s a friend we enjoyed for a few hours before he disappeared forever.


Eden is letting you all know that he’s friendly…see his smile?

My New Love…

I am in love with one of our new custom products for 2010.  These are gorgeous.  The Image Portfolio Box is one of the most elegant photo display options I’ve ever seen.

I think my favorite aspect is the versatility.  Swap these matted photos in various frames or easels for a display that never gets old.  {Plus the box looks awesome on your coffee table.}

They’re perfect for engagement sessions, family & child sessions, maternity, boudoir and even a great wedding album alternative.

Hands {Photography Contest}

For a long time now I’ve had a project in mind.  I’ve wanted to photograph people’s hands holding mugs–mugs of tea, coffee, hot chocolate.  The drink isn’t important.  It’s the hands. …elderly arthritic hands, young chubby hands, worker hands…you get the idea.

When I Heart Faces shared their weekly contest theme of “hands”…I wanted to participate since I too love them.  {Hands that is.}  Unfortunately my project exists only in my mind so I had to settle for the models that I know and love.  {And, frankly, the only ones I can afford.}  I took about 20 shots of our little art time yesterday.  I think this one is my favorite.

I enjoy the contests because they present a new challenge for me each week.  It’s nice to be creative in a different way than just in the studio.  I love photography but sometimes the last thing I want to do is pick up the camera at home.  I Heart Faces gives me a fun reason to do just that.

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