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Boy Meets Girl – Kent State Engagement Session

I love a good boy meets girl story…like a story where they meet at a hospital emergency room. You know, he’s the paramedic that drops off the patient.  She’s the nurse that catches his eye.  His partner introduces them.  Then they fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after.  Despite it’s Hollywood appeal, that IS how Jason and Kari met (they are still working on the get married and happily ever after part).  I bet their someday children and grandchildren will love hearing them tell it.  And they just happen to be as cute as their story.

We met near Kent State for their engagement session.  It was positively freezing but you won’t be able to tell.  They were troopers and apparently thought lots of warm thoughts.  I don’t think these could have turned out any better even if it had been 70.