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Matt & Sarah’s Chagrin Falls Engagement Session

Matt had it all planned out.  He had dinner reservations made, the ring in his pocket, and plans to surprise Sarah at the new home they were buying.  It fell apart a bit though when Sarah showed up at their new home in the middle of Matt’s schemes.  Matt didn’t let that bother him…he just came up with a new plan and when Sarah turned around, he was down on one knee.

I am excited to be a part of their wedding next summer.  A couple weekends ago we headed out to Chagrin Falls (where Matt grew up) and captured their engagement session.


Beautiful Brecksville Engagement Session

It takes all of about 5 minutes with Milko & Gordana to really like them.  They are kind and fun and the type of people you just want to be around.  Both of them grew up in Europe and came to America as children and their story is amazing.  I was so honored to play this small part in capturing it.


We had a great time in Brecksville Metro Park and I am so looking forward to their wedding in just a couple weeks.

Stephanie & Lorenzo’s Park Engagement Session

I hadn’t met either Lorenzo or Stephanie until the engagement session.  We’d emailed a bit but never had the chance to meet.  Stephanie explained that sometimes her smiles seems false to others in photographs.  They may be true other times but not this day.  I immediately learned the secret to Stephanie’s genuine smile…Lorenzo.  One look at his face and she’d light up. He’d whisper something in her ear and she would laugh out loud.  I’ve never seen them apart from each other but in my short time with them, I am convinced they are better together.


I love this last one.  I think it’s more than just a fun photo but a glimpse into their lives as they leap into this next chapter.  Stephanie &  Lorenzo will be married in less than two weeks and I am honored to be there to capture all of it.

Youngstown Engagement Session with Jeff & Carmen

They were set up by a couple of friends.  The four of them went to dinner together and Carmen was pretty sure Jeff would call tomorrow.  But the next day came and went, followed by the next, and the next…still without a word.  Finally, FOUR…DAYS…LATER, Jeff called.  After a wait like that, I suspect she wasn’t sure if she’d rather date him or punch him.

But, as much as waiting on a call for 96 hours irked her, in the end, it’s Jeff’s calm demeanor and reserved decision making that Carmen seems to admire most.  And Jeff’s quiet composure is the perfect balance to her passion and enthusiasm.  If I had to guess, that is likely what Jeff loves about her.  Of course, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous!  😉

We met for their engagement session in downtown Youngstown and then headed to Mill Creek Park.  They will be getting married in a couple weeks so check back to view what I am sure will be a beautiful event with two beautiful people (inside and out.)