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Wedding Wednesday {Best Cleveland Area Wedding Vendors, Tips, & Ideas}

(I know.  I know.  It’s Thursday.  But doesn’t Wedding Wednesday have a much better ring to it?)

Allow me to introduce Ryan to you.  He is one of the DJs at Beach Boyz Entertainment and I asked him to tell us a little bit about himself and the business.  I firmly believe that your wedding entertainment is an essential piece of hosting a wedding people enjoy.  If your guests aren’t having fun you will be disappointed and believe me so will they.

Some DJs in the industry are fantastic and others are just so so.  Do yourself a favor and hire a fantastic one like Ryan here.  🙂

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a person who loves to have fun and take life by the horns. I have been married now for 7 years and I have two sons. Austin and Trevor. Austin is 6 years old and in the first grade and Trevor is 3 years old. They are incredible. I just recently bought a home in Firestone Park and loving it. It’s so nice to have the freedom of owning and doing whatever I want, which means, I was able to get a Pet! We have 1 cat named Charlie and a Dog soon to come!

2. Tell us about Beach Boyz Entertainment…where are you located?

Beach Boyz is a wonderful DJ Service. The customers come first. That’s how we separate us from everyone else. It’s not our show, it’s theirs. We want to cater to all that our clients want. We have around 20 guys at the present time working for Beach Boyz. Range from Rookies to guys who have been there for 15 years.

3. How did you become a DJ?

I used to work at Todaro’s Party Center in Akron as a busboy so I got to see DJ’s first hand and got to see how much fun people had. I wanted to be that guy who provided the fun. I loved it when Beach Boyz DJ’d the parties because they made it a night to remember. So that’s why I decided to become a DJ. Didn’t know music too well and was a little quiet, but wanted to try. Now I know thousands upon thousands of songs and have been with Beach Boyz for 11 years. I get to provide the entertainment and provide the smiles as people walk out the door remembering how much fun their event was!

4. What do you think is the most important role of a DJ at a wedding reception?

The most important thing about the role of the DJ is becoming the one to take care of the flow of the night. For Weddings, we make sure that all events are planned, ready to go…and we keep a good pace. If you let the party drag out and check in the guest(s) of honor, then people lose interest and the client thinks “what’s next…” Being able to work the flow of the music is most important too! Anyone can hook up an IPOD and run music off of it all night, but do they really know how to work the crowd. Do they know what song to play next to keep people dancing? No. They usually just have a pre-determined list and just the play button. We don’t do that. We work the crowd off the lists the Client provides plus what we feel would keep the dance floor alive. Also, our DJ Service works closely with all Photographers and Videographers. That’s the last thing a Bride and Groom would want…no pictures for a special event on their Wedding Day…a Father-Daughter dance could be missed. All Vendors know what is coming up. We Emcee the event and Coordinate all events.

5. What should a bride and groom look for in a DJ?

As you look for a DJ, get to know them. Get comfortable with them. The reason I say that is because they are the one’s DJing the night you are going to remember the rest of your life. The DJ makes or breaks your reception. People don’t really remember the food, or the drinks…but they remember the music.

6. What are some unique things you (Beach Boyz) offer?

Beach Boyz offers a variety of unique things. We have basic lighting to intelligent lighting…Fog Machines/Snow Machines/Bubble Machines/the list keeps going. We have props for all kind of events when it comes to Kid Parties (Hula Hoops/Miniature Bikes/Wide Selection) to keep people entertained. We also interact with the crowd. We don’t stand behind the DJ Table with our arms crossed the whole night or sitting down eating and drinking alcohol. We don’t eat and we don’t drink alcohol at events. Our concern is the Bride and Groom…not our party life!

7. Do you have any fun stories or experiences that you can share?

I have tons of stories that could take up pages as to things that have happened in my 11 years so I will keep it short and sweet. The experiences I have meeting new people every weekend are awesome! But the best part is when you run into those people down the road and they remember you! They say they still talk about their reception and how much fun they had. They say that every family gathering they have, their reception comes up as a topic every time and memories start flying out their mouths and they can’t stop talking about it. That is the best experience. I once had a Bride and Groom I DJ’d for 5 years ago…well, their friend got married this past summer and they were guests. They came up to me and said “you were our DJ and I am so happy to see you here tonight. We told them to go to Beach Boyz and get Ryan.” So for couples to remember me that far down the road is the most amazing feeling. I love being a DJ and I will leave you with a quote that I will hold true to and you will see how much I love being a DJ by this quote:  “The day that this becomes a job is the day that I call it quits”

Thanks for talking to me and hope to see you all soon!!

Here’s a couple shots from a wedding last season where Ryan is keeping the floor hopping: