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Kevin & Jenna’s Beautiful Backyard Wedding

A friend of Jenna’s explained how she starting talking about this guy at work who would always open the door for her.  Everyday.  Jenna didn’t seem sure what to make of it.  But every now and then, some chivalry is just the kind of thing that warms a girl’s heart and I pretty sure Kevin melted Jenna’s.

I didn’t get to meet Kevin before their wedding.  Kevin and Jenna both live in North Carolina and were here for very limited amounts of time so I had no idea what to expect from this groom.  But, meeting him was a joy.  I am not sure that I saw Kevin for more than a minute all day without a smile on his face.  I can see so clearly what Jenna loves about him.  I imagine that same smile was there as he walked with her each day

, opening that door.

My best wishes go out to you, Kevin & Jenna.  You are both such strong and beautiful people and I wish you nothing but the best.  I hope your entire lives are filled with as much laughter as this day was.

Vendors who helped make this possible:

Florist: Seifert Flower’s Mill

Wedding Planner: Gladys Owens 330-495-7401

Cake Artist: Just Cakes 330-412-8909

Ceremony Music: Art Werks

DJ: Marino Brothers