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Little Fingers and Little Toes and so much Hair!

I am so happy to share that Jeff & Kelli had their little guy a couple weeks ago and he is adorable!  All newborns are pretty amazing, but this guys is just so precious.  Check out all that hair!

I had such a wonderful time spending the morning with the three of them and holding this little man.  He wasn’t a big fan of falling asleep but he was so sweet nonetheless.  (I think he may have been staying up for his formal event.)



The New Little Monster

If you haven’t met Bob and Krista of Focus on You Video, you should.  They are amazing videographers but more than that, amazing people.  I was thrilled to photograph their adorable new infant last week.  I know Bob and Krista were waiting for this little guy for a long time and I am so happy for them that he’s here, beautiful, and healthy.


Parker’s Home Newborn Photography Session

Little Parker was just two weeks old when I got to hang out with him and capture these.  A few things I learned very quickly:

1. He’s a big fan of his pacifier.

2. He loves to snuggle with his mama.

3. I’m not sure he loved my camera in his face.

But, the little guy was a champ.  After working a little swaddling action, he was snoozing away and allowed me to get these (and more!) precious images.  He e

ven woke up toward th

e end and (for the most part) was just alert and content.


A Miracle Baby

All babies are miracles.  Life is amazing in any form, but, this little peanut has been through more than most.  In fact, so have her mommy and daddy.  Melissa (i.e. mommy) is an amazing local jewelry designer and you can read more about their story with their second daughter, Kelsi, here.  Their story is sad, but it is not without joy.  Little, Kiari, is their latest blessing…but it was a bit of a bumpy ride to get her here.

Melissa was incredibly in tune with Kiari during her pregnancy and she started to notice something wasn’t okay.  After some convincing, the doctors ran tests and found Melissa was right.  Poor Kiari needed a blood transfusion and she needed it fast.  They were able to save her life but they told Melissa that if they hadn’t acted quickly, she would have never survived.  Throughout the pregnancy, Melissa traveled to Columbus for a number of transfusions and tests.  But, thanks to Melissa’s intuition, some amazing medical care, and lots of prayer, little Kiari was born a perfectly healthy little girl.  I am happy to share her with you today.

P.S. Check out her jewelry…all made by Melissa.  Isn’t that adorable?