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The Dollhouse

It’s funny how life works.  Over the last couple months I have been evaluating and re-evaluating life and I finally decided some changes needed to be made…mostly for reasons such as the dollhouse.

You see last October (as in 2009) my daughter got an old doll house for her birthday.  A friend’s dad had made it years before and I planned to fix it up for her.  It needed some paint, a few new boards, and a little love.  I started the project right away but full time photography and editing got in the way.  {Even as I write, a pang of guilt rises up in my stomach.}

Here we are over a year later and the dollhouse sits…undone.  She still plays with it but asks from time to time when we will paint it purple.  “Soon,” I promise.  And I mean it…with all my heart I intend to paint that dollhouse but time just keeps marching on.

So, after much prayer and indecision, I decided I have to be home more.

I will still be doing wedding and portrait photography but I will be booking less portrait sessions and will take no more than 15 weddings a year.  I don’t plan to change much else for I do love my job….but an average photos session takes 5-8 hours in front of a computer and a wedding takes days.  These are hours and days I can be with my babies.

Amy Lyn Photography has been born out of these changes and in a way out of an old dollhouse.  Stick with me.  There are good things coming.