My Life via the IPhone

I’ve said it before but I truly do love my job and what it allows me to do for people.  I’ve photographed babies that only have a few hours to live.  I’ve captured fathers at weddings that passed just days after.  It’s nothing but a gift to be able to take special moments and record them for people to forever look back on.  But sometimes in my own life it’s hard for me to take the time to photograph the people and events I love most.

Enter Instagram.  When digging out a camera…and lens…and flash…and then editing is just more than I can do, I grab my phone and photograph the world around me–my world and I love it.  Instagram has been like a little gift to me that I enjoy unwrapping everyday.

And (as corny as it sounds) a piece of my soul is in each of these.  As I share every photo, I am sharing a little part of me because every one of these is a moment that I hold dear.  The photos aren’t perfect but they’re mine and that’s what’s important.

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