Meet Maddie | High School Senior Spotlight

Did you meet Hailey the other day?  She is our new senior writer.  Today she is spotlighting Maddie, an invaluable component of the Mogadore High School Track team since her first year at the High School, four years ago. Maddie is now a senior and is preparing to go away to college at Ohio State University for Pre-vet med, but was more than willing to sit down with Hailey and answer a few questions about her track and field experience.

Hailey: What events do you run in track and which one do you like the best?
Maddie: I run the one mile, 800, 4×8, and occasionally the 4×4. My favorite one is probably the one mile because it’s a pace, not a sprint; and I like it when people are slower than me.

Hailey: Do you have a favorite memory regarding your track career?
Maddie: Every year we do Dalton relays and the coach buys us whole rotisserie chickens and we sit there eating entire chickens and I think that’s my favorite.

Hailey: What goes through your head before, during and after the gun goes off?
Maddie: Before the gun goes off I’m worried I won’t have anyone to run against. When the gun goes off, my first thought is: “Why do I do track?!?!”; and depending on whether I run well or not, I get really hyper or just end up eating food.

Hailey: How does track benefit you mentally?
Maddie: It helps me set goals for myself because I have to be determined enough to get my times down.

Hailey: What other extracurricular activities are you involved in?
Maddie: Band, Cross Country, Academic Challenge, Yearbook, PAC, NHS. I think that’s it.

Hailey: Funniest track experience?
Hailey: Probably running the 4×2 as a joke with the distance crew and we actually ended up placing. The long distance can actually sprint!

I think it’s clear that Maddie has the mental and physical stamina to endure anything; whether it’s ten years of college of an entire rotisserie chicken.


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