You know how the cobbler’s children have no shoes?  Sometimes I’m afraid the photographers children have no photos.  I love photography but after a long week of sessions and editing, some days the last thing I want to do is take another picture.  That’s why projects like this one are so good for me.  It’s called Glimpses and asks us to post one photo of those we love once a week for the year.  I think photos are so precious to me because I hate the thought of forgetting.  But, if I don’t take the time to document it now, then it’s lost.  I am going to try to go a step further and write a bit each week as well.  Because, if not now then when?  After its forgotten?

Glimpses of Zeke

I asked him before school one morning what he wanted for his birthday, if there was anything that he didn’t get for Christmas that he’d like to have.  He said he couldn’t think of anything.  But that evening after school he said something had come to mind.  Dress shoes.

“Dress shoes?” I asked a little surprised.  He reminded me that he didn’t have any and said that he needed them by February.  I was immediately moved by how thoughtful he was to think of such a useful gift.  But, what he said next almost made me cry.  I asked him why the shoes were needed by February expecting there was a school dance or something he wanted to wear them to.  But, no.

“I made you a gift for your birthda

y, and I need a box to wrap it in.”  Needless to say that cobbler’s son may not have shoes, but this little boy will have as many pairs as he wants for his birthday.  I’m just glad that thanks to glimpses, he’ll have this memory written down as well.


This photo clearly doesn’t have any shoes, but while opening his present from his sister I was able to capture this interaction that melts my heart just a bit.

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