A Good Mail Day

Since I was a child, I have always loved getting mail.  My absolute favorite was the yearly birthday card from Kathy, a friend of the family.  She’d decorate the envelope with stickers and the characters would all have speech bubbles with fun things written in.  I’d see the card in the pile of mail and instantly know that Kathy’s card hard arrived.  It was always a good mail day.  Yesterday, when I saw the mail, that same feeling of excite

ment surfaced.


The first piece that caught my eye was my copy of Chic that included the article I wrote on wedding photography.  …As much fun as it was to read online, I just love the feel of a real magazine.  It was such an honor to be included.


The second item looked more dull until I opened it.  For the past year, I have been studying and working to become a CPP (Certified Professional Photographer.)  Yesterday the letter came that announced that I passed!  It’s a program less than 8% of the world’s photographers have completed.  You can find out more here if you are interested.


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