Youngstown Engagement Session with Jeff & Carmen

They were set up by a couple of friends.  The four of them went to dinner together and Carmen was pretty sure Jeff would call tomorrow.  But the next day came and went, followed by the next, and the next…still without a word.  Finally, FOUR…DAYS…LATER, Jeff called.  After a wait like that, I suspect she wasn’t sure if she’d rather date him or punch him.

But, as much as waiting on a call for 96 hours irked her, in the end, it’s Jeff’s calm demeanor and reserved decision making that Carmen seems to admire most.  And Jeff’s quiet composure is the perfect balance to her passion and enthusiasm.  If I had to guess, that is likely what Jeff loves about her.  Of course, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous!  😉

We met for their engagement session in downtown Youngstown and then headed to Mill Creek Park.  They will be getting married in a couple weeks so check back to view what I am sure will be a beautiful event with two beautiful people (inside and out.)


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