Looking Back & a Sneak Peek


My fondest memory of the 4th of July is my parents taking my sisters and I to a cookout at the {F’s}.  We loved it there.  Miss {F} bought all of our favorites.  We’d cover our fingers with olives, drink way more pop than our mom would allow, and then head outside where we would swirl sparklers and watch the fireworks until we couldn’t keep our eyes open. 

When I reflect on this time, it occurs to me that, right now, every day, Josh and I are creating the same types of moments for our kids.  Whether intentionally or not…the way we spend our days will be the memories they think back on in twenty years.  For the past few years, we’ve spent the fourth at a party the {B} family has thrown.  Zeke had such a great time and although Eden will probably never remember it…she had a blast too.  Thanks so much to the {B’s} for sharing their home and creating a moment to look back on.

Then, yesterday, we met up with Josh’s sister and family and walked to the Akron fireworks.  We took a few shots while we were there to help us (and the kiddos) remember. 



(Thanks to Kristin for taking this shot!)

Check back in the next couple days, because I have two great sessions to post.  Here is a sneak peek from Scott and Kelli’s engagement shoot.  I can’t wait to get their slideshow done.  You’re going to love it!



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