Praying for Hope…

Less than six months ago, Hope’s parents got the news that no parent ever wants to hear.  Their daughter was diagnosed in utero with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  Her condition was especially severe and the doctors didn’t expect her to be able to survive surgery.

Hope’s mother contacted me through Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  She wanted some photographs of her baby after birth.  As usual, my heart broke for them.  A heavy weight was placed on my heart and I sent up silent prayers for comfort and peace for this family.  I agreed to be there and waited to get the call that labor was underway.

On September 14, the call came in and another volunteer, Andrew Jordan, and I went to capture this little angel.  As soon as I arrived though, I was so pleasantly surprised to see the hope that little Hope brought.  She is a fighter and has been proving doctors wrong over and over again.  She still has a long road ahead and needs lots of prayer…but she is through her first surgery and progressing a little everyday.

Hope’s mother wrote me yesterday to share her blog,  Please join me in prayer for this sweet girl and her family.

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