New Beginnings

I like fresh starts.  I love the chance to start over, get organized, and rededicate myself to a better balance in life.

Last week, I sent my little boy off to Kindergarten.  I never understood why mothers were so upset about Kindergarten…until it happened to me that is.  😉  I am sad that he’s growing up, sure, but that’s not what gets to me.  The hardest part is realizing that my precious time with him is over.  He is no longer home with me all day (most days anyway).  I no longer spend more time with him than anyone else.  Selfish…maybe, but still how I feel.  I desperately miss my little boy already.

As heartbroken as I truly am, I am glad for a new beginning.  The school year always brings new routines and schedules and I am determined to get it all down this year.

The next few weeks are mega-busy (yes, that is a made up word) and I will have many images to share.  But, tonight, I will share what’s most on my heart.  Say a prayer for this silly mom who is working on letting go…but not too fast.

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