My Little Browns Fan

My mom always says that I saw the world in black and white as a child.  I didn’t see grey.  Things were either good or bad, right or wrong.  Apparently my poor little guy inherited this same tendency.  He has taken after his father and faithfully supports his Browns.  In fact, I’d say that four of the seven days of each week he sports a Browns jersey of one type or another (it’d be more often, but Mom can’t keep up with the laundry).

Well, in my little “grey blind” kiddos logic, the Steelers are the enemy and therefore must be evil.  When we see someone sporting their logo, he gives me this look saying, “Did you see that?” and sometimes even voices aloud, “Mom, let’s walk the other way.”  Despite my best efforts to show him that some Steelers’ fans out there are actually nice people, he doesn’t believe it.

Two weeks ago my sister and I took a trip to IKEA in PA.  I made the mistake of telling my little man the night before that we were going with Aunt Mandy to a store in Pittsburgh.  He cried.  I kid you not, he cried.

You can imagine my surprise then when my husband was given tickets to a charity basketball game between the Steelers and the Summit County Sheriff Officers held at Green High School, and Zeke actually wanted to go.  I thought there would be tears or yelling or refusal to walk inside–but somehow my husband got him there without any major drama.  He went and stood tall, sporting one of the only Browns’ jerseys in the place.  Here are a couple pictures my husband took at the game–the second one being priceless.  I couldn’t resist sharing them.

He was so proud to walk into the gym sporting this:



I can’t believe he stood in between them!  I asked him why he covered his face and he said he was trying to hide his jersey!  I think they may have noticed anyway. 😉

A local paper, the Record-Courier just featured this last picture with a small article.

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  1. Gary Haught May 14, 2009 at 1:24 pm #


    I like your writing style – it has a nice easy flow. Most people don’t know that it is much harder to tell the story in just a few paragraphs than it is to write a book about it.
    Good on ya. Cute kid, too. Go Browns!


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