My Favorite People

We’ve been a little under the weather here the past few days so I thought I’d share some images I took of the my kiddos a couple weeks back.

I love my job.  I really do, but when I get home in the evening the last thing I want to do at times is take another picture.  I make myself though.  I make myself pick up the camera one more time to capture all the things I don’t want to forget.

I make myself because they are the cutest kids in the world.  (I am aware that I might be a wee bit biased.)

And for a real look into my life:

Maybe one of my favorite photos of my little man ever:

And my little girl…just how I usually see her…mad that she’s not getting her way.  Right after I told her it was time to go home.  🙁

Biased or not, they sure are cute.  Don’t you think?

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