Eight Years Ago (oh…and eighteen days…)

Welcome to the new blog…O.K., it’s the same blog…but I have a new determination to blog everyday (or very close to it.)  Check back often because I will have new things posted.  (And comment and yell at me if I don’t.)  🙂

This post was supposed to be up eighteen days ago, but alas, as these things go these days, it’s up today.

For the past five years I have spent hours and hours photographing, organizing, filing, designing, editing, printing, editing, creating, (did I mention editing?), and more.  I have little free time because between my kids and this studio, my time is pretty much eaten up.  I wake up and care for the kiddos and work through their naps and then after bedtime.  Many days I spend hours awake after everyone else is asleep in order to finish one project or another.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job.  I mean LOVE it.  But sometimes I know that my work leaves me busy, frazzled, and running in circles.  Sometimes there is not enough of me to go around and there is one person that usually suffers for it–my best friend, my supporter, my husband.  Poor Josh puts up with so much from me.  He’s forced to deal with a lack of dinner, huge messes, my crazy, stress induced mood swings, no clean clothes, and so much more.  Yet, I can honestly say, I don’t think I’ve heard him complain once–not even a small complaint.  (Although he did put up quite a fuss when I took him coffee mug to work one day and didn’t return it for a month or so.)  🙂

Eight years (and eighteen days) ago I married my best friend.  Marriage may not be the fairytale that I imagined but, still,  I can’t imagine anything better.

Here he is at a recent t-ball game my son played in.


What’s that?  Oh, some pictures of the kids…well, if you insist.


Yes, that was a home run.




Happy Belated Anniversary, Josh.  Thanks for standing by me.  I love you.

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