Catching Up…

Sorry I’ve missed blogging the past couple days.  I am working VERY hard to get caught up in order to devote all the attention I can to finishing up our new website.  I am almost there.  This website things ain’t for sissies!

It’s a bit harder now since Josh went back to school and coaching.  Have you heard the term “coach’s widow”?  Well, that’s me from August thru November.  The kids and I are trying to stay busy and run the house…but we all miss Daddy.    My schedule is just a bit crazy:

Wake-up, get ready, fix breakfast, fill time until lunch (coloring, reading, play-doh, walks, etc.), make lunch, put kids down for naps, editing and retouching during naps, play games, fix dinner, put the kids to bed, more editing and retouching!  Then, of course, there’s grocery shopping, cleaning, triathlon training, sleeping…Whew!  It’s a crazy routine but somehow it is working for us.  Somehow I feel like I am more productive now than when I had less to do.

Can you tell we are a football house?


Don’t most kids play with play-doh in football helmets?

I also have to share this picture I took of Eden today.  This may be my new favorite picture of her.  If you know her, you know this picture is so her.  It’s her little attitude.  It’s her love of dress up.  It’s her expression that says “don’t mess with me.”


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